The One who started it all. 

Chick came to us as a hot blooded three year old racing on the southern tracks.  He was quite the handful for a young rider!  Through many years of training both horse and rider have taught each other and formulated the foundation for our retraining program. 


Our California bred, Connor enjoyed success on the track for seven years before retiring in November 2005.  His retraining began in January of 2006 and was an absolute dream.  However, in February of 2008 Connor became neurologic secondary to arthritis of his vertebrae.  Though he will never be ridden again, he remains very playful and is always the talk of the farm.

Reel Legend

The new guy!  We'll be updating this page as things progress with our new 7 year old TB gelding!  We acquired him in mid April 2009 and will be beginning his retraining shortly.  We are enjoying having this sweet horse around in the meantime!


The Princess of the farm, Dixie came to us in 1998.  It is rumored she came to the U.S. from Argentina as a polo pony, however extensive front leg injuries ended her career.  Although she is retired, keeping the geldings in line is job enough. 


There have been many, many other horses and people who have influenced the farm, our people, and our training principles. 

A few below that have meant a lot to us:  JoJo the Elderly Statesman, Izzy the little foal who could, and Choka the life saver.