It is our plan to focus on retraining thoroughbreds and taking care of retired horses who live out their lives at our farm.  If you have a horse who needs a retirement facility or an ex-racer you need help retraining, we encourage you to learn more about our farm.  We offer a low stress environment with lots of individualized care and attention.  While we do successfully compete some of our horses, at our farm we strive for a calmer environment not as suited to ultra-active boarders.


In addition to the training of racehorses, we have our retired equines who will spend the rest of their lives frolicking in our pastures and getting loved on.  If you have a horse you'd like to retire and need a suitable environment for him, please contact us to see how we can help.  An ideal candidate for Nighthawk would be an older horse who has finished their career and whose owner wants a quiet, beautiful place for him to spend his days.  Visiting your horse is absolutely encouraged and updates can be given to those living at a distance.


We bale our own hay at Nighthawk and depending on the year, we may have square bales available for purchase.  Contact us for more information on our high quality mixed orchard grass hay!  In most years, our surplus hay is donated to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation of Montpelier.